Benefits of Adopting EHR in Behavioral Health

Benefits of Adopting EHR in Behavioral Health

The rapid expansion of the EHR market in behavioral health is being driven by the growing consensus of health service providers on the advantages of such software and their healthcare information systems.

Usage of EHR systems is the standard of care throughout the healthcare sector regardless of specialization. This is particularly true in light of recent health crises. Here are some reasons why the behavioral health industry is adopting EHR:

  • Usability – The expansion of the EHR industry, fueled by increasing demand for behavioral health EHR technology, has yielded specialty-specific EHR solutions to improve the delivery of patient care by behavioral health practitioners.

For several reasons, improved usability in a behavioral health EHR is critical. Aside from the productivity benefits, behavioral health EHR systems with good usability scores will aid in the transition from paper to electronic that many clinicians will face when using health IT solutions for the first time.

Usability, coupled with a clear knowledge of EHR advantages, are the main drivers in boosting health IT adoption throughout the behavioral health community.

  • Integrated Care – The greater emphasis has been put on integrated care between the behavioral and physical health populations as a result of healthcare’s embrace of value-based care. The National Institute of Mental Health believes that this kind of treatment is particularly important because:

Over half of all common psychiatric illnesses are treated at a doctor’s office, or in a primary care environment. People with severe mental diseases and addictions tend to have more long-term health problems and live shorter lives than the general population.

The general health of many people includes mental illness on top of more prevalent illnesses.

The adoption of behavioral health EHR is one of the greatest methods to promote better integrated, collaborative treatment between the two groups. Integrated primary and behavioral healthcare are becoming more popular, according to research published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, both because it is better supported by value-based payment systems and it provides the necessary treatment to those managing behavioral health disorders.

  • Improved Care Coordination – EHR software is extremely helpful for behavioral health clinics since it improves communication among clinicians and helps to prevent unnecessary duplication of services. For example, a patient may not be able to tell whether he or she is getting unnecessary treatment and must depend on experts to ensure that services are delivered effectively.

It’s no wonder that behavioral health practitioners are adopting health IT solutions like EHR technology at higher rates, given the clinical and financial stakes.

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