Medical Billing Service face issues in-case of Substance Abuse

Medical Billing Service face issues in-case of Substance Abuse

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Mental health and drug abuse are both co-occurring issues that are more frequent than you may expect. According to statistics presented in the Journal of the American Medical Association, approximately half of the people with serious mental illnesses are drug abusers. 

Alcoholics and drug abusers are more likely to suffer from a serious disease as compared to others. It has also been found that more than a quarter of people with mental health difficulties are drug abusers. Medical billing difficulties stem from the fact that people with mental health issues are often addicted to drugs or alcohol.

When a patient’s mental health issues aren’t addressed, their condition worsens. Drug misuse may escalate if mental health issues are ignored. Diagnosis and therapy have been altered as a result of the discovery that these two disorders often occur together. In the majority of cases, the mental illness that leads to drug misuse has a root cause. To help them deal with the lingering effects of trauma, many substance abusers turn to drugs and alcohol. Taking drugs may lead to depression in a lot of people. A patient’s drug addiction issue will be treated, but the fundamental reasons such as mental disorders like depression, anxiety, or prior traumas would persist.

Problems of Substance Abuse Medical Billing

Insurance companies are making it difficult for substance abuse treatment providers to secure payments. Substance addiction is seen by insurance companies as a decision rather than a medical issue. Mental illness, on the other hand, is not the patient’s fault; they either acquire it or are born with it. Mental health patients get higher compensation than drug abuse patients. The cost of therapy for substance abusers must be borne by the patient. A rise in the incidence of reimbursement denials is putting rehabilitation clinics at risk of running out of money. For individuals with solely drug addiction concerns and others with both substance misuse and mental health disorders, the treatment isn’t the same.

It is crucial for healthcare professionals to accurately charge their patients. Because of this, you need an experienced provider of medical billing services in New Jersey to handle medical billing for you.

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