These Two Types of Medical Billing Have Always Been Crucial for Medical Billing Industry

These Two Types of Medical Billing Have Always Been Crucial for Medical Billing Industry

People are often unfamiliar with the workings of a medical office, even though we’ve all visited one at least once in our lives. This means the majority of us have already received treatment or are on our way. Because many people are accustomed to getting additional contact from healthcare providers or health insurance companies through the mail, email, or phone, many people believe that emails and phone calls from providers and insurers are a customary and standard method of delivering communication. So, how do you feel about the whole patient-provider–insurance-payer cycle, when a patient stops using healthcare services and when they are notified about their bill? When it comes to obtaining information about the medical billing and coding process, that is where healthcare providers come in.

What are the core responsibilities of Medical Coding and Billing?

Medical Billing and coding experts guarantee proper coding and processing of claims to ensure all parties are properly documented while obtaining healthcare. By doing this, they assist the patients, physicians, healthcare institutions, and insurance companies with the necessary information. Here are some other prime facts about Medical coding and billing specialists:

  • Each insurance company should be known to the medical billing and coding experts so that claims can be submitted more quickly.
  • Due to the sensitive patient information medical billing personnel has access to, they must be educated of HIPAA privacy and security regulations to prevent HIPAA breaches.
  • Their work involves using the software. It is critical that they understand the kind of billing software being used, as it will cut down on the amount of time spent doing the job and avoid mistakes.
  • The medical biller must process claims in the proper sequence to avoid payment from being delayed.

Medical billing and coding experts are employed in tandem with registered nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to help deliver patient care. Without healthcare facilities, patients won’t get the quality medical treatment they need. Therefore the role of a medical billing expert and coding specialist is essential in the healthcare industry.

The Two Types of Medical Billing and Coding

Professional Billing

The kind of billing utilized in individual medical offices is called professional billing. Specialists who are responsible for professional billing often must be acquainted with the billing process and the coding system.

The list that follows is filled with interesting and unusual elements of professional billing.

  • The CMS-1500 forms have been used for professional billing.
  • Claims for health services provided via Medicare, Medicaid, and other businesses will be accepted using electronic filing (the main means of filing), although some will still be done on paper. The essential elements of professional billing include filing paper claims.
  • An electronic claim is submitted when an 837-P is used.

Institutional Billing

While most medical billers concentrate on individual billing, institutional billing deals with billing for medical institutions including hospitals, clinics, rehab centers, and nursing homes. In-patient and out-patient services, including equipment, laboratory services, radiology services, and more, are covered under this plan.

  • The UB-04 is the industry standard claim form that is used in claims processing in institutional billing.
  • Institutional billing for electronic claims will use the 837-I form.
  • Coding in the medical field is done by medical coders. This is because institutional services codes are often more complicated than the billing codes used in professional environments, and as a result, require specialized coding. 

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