Things to ask yourself before Outsourcing Mental Health Billing Services in New Jersey

Things to ask yourself before Outsourcing Mental Health Billing Services in New Jersey

Medical billing is not as easy as one might think, it is complicated on its own. You may not realise at first but medical billing for mental health solutions bring their own set of unique challenges. Between the variety of services being offered, unbundling concerns, pre-authorization, and the time availability of office staff, mental health services are often at a drawback compared to health professionals. By understanding the procedure, providers end up spending a lot of their time and energy focusing on core operations and their patients. This is why denial management believes in lifting the weight of medical billing off medical professionals’ shoulders. 


Medical billing for mental health solutions is quite hard due to the lack of resources that are available for mental health professionals. Many mental health services are basically a small group of practices or solo practitioners equipped with limited or no support. This means, with mental health billing services, physicians don’t have to carry the burden around. 


Are they experts?

It is essential to track the record of mental health billing services, especially when handling such matters. One aspect is to keep in mind what percentage of claims will pass as they are submitted. A high percentage makes sure since there will be minimum denial and follow-up, another number to pay attention to is how soon they will be posted. Any given time over 24 hours is too long for effective mental health billing services. Ensure that they know what they are doing and have experience in the niche. 

Do they have any idea about your field?

Many billing services entail everything about the medical field- chiropractors, general physicians, and mental health professionals. When staff have to handle multiple tasks and are disciplined- their speed of work can be hindered. You cannot realise, with mental health billing services help them focus on core operations while experts handle the thing.

Do they offer affordable billing solutions?

A mental health billing service typically between 5%-14% of claims. If they are asking about doubt digits, know that you are paying too much. The lowest you can find is 3% while that is the lowest rate, you will be treated as a number, work with high volume and customer service.

Check if they are certified or if you can trust them?

You never quite know what or who you are getting to handle your mental health billing. Ensure that you can rely on the professional- we have experts who make themselves available to their clients offering tips for mental health professionals.

We at Tall RCM brings you a range of medical billing services in New Jersey delivered by qualified and certified experts. 

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