Transcription Service by EMR Experts in New Jersey

Owing to the prohibitive cost of EMR deployment and inefficient billing processes, healthcare providers must choose whether to handle in-house or outsource the EMR transcription task. Due to the ever increasing need for reliable and timely documentation, this creates a productivity gap. If this problem is affecting your cash flow or long-term viability, you need assistance right away! Outsourcing EMR transcription services to experts like us is the right decision, whether you are deploying a new EMR or revamping an established one, Tall Rcm Incorporation can assist you with all your needs.

Tall Rcm Incorporation provides healthcare facilities all over the world with short, precise, and dependable EMR transcriptions. You can rely on our transcription services to save time and resources if you are implementing a new EMR, dealing with a roadblock in the middle of a rollout, or seeing a reduction in efficiency as a result of EMR adoption.

We have extensive experience quickly transforming large numbers of paper-based patient records to digital format. We use this knowledge to help you simplify the implementation of an EMR framework while still protecting physician efficiency.

Our EMR Transcription Services in New Jersey

  • Integrating the transcription workflow with voice capture as well as importing documents directly through the EMR system
  • Integrating our services seamlessly into all EMR systems
  • Assuring accurate transcription
  • Securing patient information and maximizing workflow output through using EMR systems

Our streamlined EMR transcription service in New Jersey has the following process outline:

  • The client sends us the audio files and other relevant data
  • We transcribe them into electronic or printable text format
  • We perform a three-level quality check of the transcribed files
  • We enter the transcribed files into the client’s EMR system
  • Quality check of the EMR files
  • Finally, we send the transcribed documents to the client through secured FTP servers or encrypted email.

Why Outsource your EMR Transcription service in New Jersey to Us?

As one of the industry’s leading lights, we meet the needs of clients ranging from local clinics and community hospitals to large, multi-specialty hospitals by providing a stable and productive workforce of medical transcriptionists as well as cutting-edge technologies that can scale and respond to any practice’s growing needs. We use industry-leading tools to guarantee that transcribed records are returned in the shortest amount of time available, while our comprehensive quality assurance and reporting processes ensure that we never compromise on quality.

If you wish to know more about our services, contact us at or You can also give us a call at 973-206-8939.


Depending on your preference, in MS Word or plain text format.

We certainly can. Our team has experience with current-generation EMRs and EHRs.

No, we do not have any minimum obligations.