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Medical transcription is crucial in medical practice. The importance of accurate transcription cannot be emphasized enough. To produce correct and flawless written documents, the transcriptionist must do his job correctly. Quality transcriptions are important not only for the medical practice, but also for the patient, all medical practitioners, and insurance providers investigating claims rely on high-quality transcription for correct assessment.

There are three options for transcriptions, used by small to medium-sized medical practitioners:

  • In-house medical transcription
  • Outsource it to a medical transcription provider, or
  • Use voice-recognition tools to convert dictation into a written document.

The most widely accepted and used practice is outsourcing the transcription task to the best medical transcription service provider. By outsourcing, you have access to the experienced resources which eventually gives you time to focus on the core activities.

Tall Rcm Incorporation is one such medical transcription service providing company offering you the right solution for all your medical transcription requirements. Our team comprises talented and seasoned people who can meet the client’s requirements. We are the best medical transcription company in the USA, with the vision to ease your stress of medical transcription so you can focus on your core task which is taking care of a patient’s health.

Tall Rcm Incorporation: The Best Medical Transcription Company in the USA

There’s a lot that goes into ensuring correct compensation and delivering good patient care. One critical aspect is the documentation. We, at Tall RCM, are committed to meet the patient documentation demands ranging through a wide variety of specialties and adapt our services to meet your demands.

  • Accuracy and Quality – Our medical transcription experts extend a high level of accuracy acquired through multiple quality measurement levels. Different quality checks at varied control points ensure comprehensive and correct healthcare information is captured.
  • Turn Around Time – With a turnaround time of 24 hours, we ensure you have your comprehensive report with you at the earliest possible.   We can also deliver STAT reports, with a TAT of 4 hours.
  • Dictation system – Both toll-free, digital recorders, as well as iPhone and Android apps are available as per your preference.
  • 100% HIPAA compliant and confidential – We are a HIPAA compliant medical transcription service provider. We maintain patient confidentiality with data encryption of the Protected  Health Information (PHI)
  • Integration – Healthcare reporting requirements have evolved as technology has advanced and EMRs have been implemented. With these modifications in mind, our experts will assist you in integrating your old documents into the EMR of your choice.   We can also upload the transcription into your EMR.

Tall Rcm Incorporation Process at Glance: Transcription, Quality Assurance, and Delivery Process

Tall Rcm Incorporation is the best Medical Transcription Service provider ensuring excellent quality and high productivity.

First Level: Transcribing task is handled by a transcriptionist, along with proofreading and checking for errors.

Second Level: After the Quality Assurance Personnel audits the document, an exportable product is then produced.

Third Level: The quality Check manager checks the files. The medical and language specialists are also available at all times to tackle problems at all levels.

Tall Rcm Incorporation, the best Medical Transcription Company in the USA, extends various delivery options to suit the specific demand and requirement of our customers.

Secured email: The reports can be delivered to an email account via secured email.

Secure FTP: A Secured FTP account is created for you. With a single click, the files can be on your computer.

Dictation Platform:  The reports are uploaded on a HIPAA compliant platform which can be accessed by you from anywhere with your credentials.

Formats and Permissions

The size of real-time dictation files varies depending on the manufacturer. The recorders commonly send audios in one of the three formats: WAV, WMA, or MP3. The DSS and DS2 formats are used by several dictation machines to record. To audit or change the transcription, our clients can easily rewind or fast forward to any point inside the transcription document. We offer advanced sound embedding capability, enabling you to embed sound at any time without overwriting the corresponding text.

If you are searching for the best medical transcription service provider in the USA, then we are here for you. To connect with us, write to us at or For an immediate response, give us a call at 973-206-8939.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing medical transcription services are crucial and helpful. Accuracy, cost savings, fast processing time, and complete protection are the key reasons why medical transcription services are outsourced to a reliable partner.

Medical Dictations are accepted via mail or a protected file storage facility. Contact Tall RCM to know more about how the process works.

Based on your specifications and project load, a dedicated team of medical transcriptionists will be assigned to your project as soon as you sign up with us. When they collect the dictation, it is meticulously transcribed and then put through multiple quality tests before being made available to the customer.