Audit Services

Our Audit service that gives the accurate analysis of the healthcare processes to make it more compatible with the changing healthcare needs and more aligned with the Standards. Our services are based on maximizing the profit and decreasing the liabilities and hence mediating the service standard.

Tall Rcm Incorporation is a healthcare Audit Service provider to clients that is tailored to the industry needs and specialized to adjust client’s practices, healthcare departments, training physicians, policies, and procedures that in together makes a more profitable operation.

The system also provides effective identifying lost opportunities to bill and collect, contractual analysis, and produce systematic reports for review and action at frequent predetermined intervals. The objective is to put in place, through knowledge transfer and processes, an organization that is capable to identify the revenue increase opportunities on recurring bases.

Connect with us for industry specific Healthcare Audit Services that is highly catered to your industry specific needs.

Core Expertise

Tall Rcm Incorporation has 70 years of experience in Healthcare, IT sector, and KPO, which has enabled us to see the changes in the industry and propose solutions for them.  We have put together solutions that provide our clients profitability and competitive edge and make them customize their practices and resources according to the changing needs. We provide a diverse solution that includes coders, billers, IT solutions and architects. You can also avail an extensive pool of high-skilled resources for your healthcare needs, including certified coders: 

  • CCS certified from AHIMA (America Health Information Management Association), and 
  • CPC certified from AAPC (American Academy of Certified Coders)
Tall Rcm Incorporation core expertise includes:
  1. Complete Revenue Cycle Management Services that incorporates Medical Coding, Billing and Payment Collections for smoother medical care and patient tasks. 
  2. Review of Patient Charts and comparing CPT, ICD-10 codes, that expands incomes in the medical services areas. 
  3. Give expected preparing to Providers, Coders and Billers. 
  4. Audit and re-designing of Coding, Billing, and Payment measures. 
  5. Audit of repayments against current agreements and suggestions for development. 
  6. Survey of current Contracts and proposals for development. 
  7. Giving investigation of information and distinguishing territories of new and undiscovered income sources. 
  8. Creating modified perspectives on information for Business Intelligence.
Tall Rcm Incorporation Coding Audit Approach

Our Audit approach consists of a perfect balance between people and the technology for the healthcare industry. This process starts with:

  • Beginning Client Presentation: Organize an introduction by project director for suppliers, office chiefs and proprietor/partners to examine the venture approach and timings. 
  • Information Collection: Selection of cases either by training or recognized thing having high potential for coding varieties. Information inspecting is done to keep up the Standards of Audit. 
  • Customer Interview: Interview with key staff including clinical and wellbeing data the executives staff to comprehend the association coding work process and assets. 
  • Information Analysis and Audit: Review of coding information on claims and relating clinical records dependent on broadly acknowledged coding rules, updates and consistency. 
  • Last Report Preparation: Presentation of definite report including review discoveries for suppliers, advising suppliers regarding the coding shows and rules utilized when suggesting changes. This will help advance consistency in coding and usage across the office and suppliers. We prescribe a multi-stage answer for our customers: 
  • Stage 1 Auditing of Charts and Presentation of Findings. 
  • Stage 2 Comprehensive and powerful Solution dependent on the discoveries including Training to the Physicians, Coders, and Billers. 
  • Stage 3 Comprehensive commitment – Ongoing Healthcare Audit Services of Medical Billing and Coding Services rehearses. Keeps Training Programs, Review of interaction, innovation and association.