Customized Mental Health Billing Service for Effective Results

Behavioral and Mental health is all about studying the emotions, mentality, and biology causing the person to behave in a certain way and how it affects the mental health of a person. The treatment and service given to the patient and the level of support provided for the therapy make the task of behavioral and mental health billing difficult. Counselors and Psychiatrists treat people using a range of approaches, including medications, therapies, meditation and so on. These treatments take different lengths of time depending on the condition of the patient. Additional work preparation, literacy training, counseling, and other services are needed for a patient with disabling behavior problems. Unfortunately, the scheduling provided by insurance companies for each care method varies from the real-time spent, resulting in billing differences. It’s important to be aware of the problems that lead to refund delays and denials. The following are some of the most important reasons for mental health billing claim denials:

  • Before beginning most Behavioral/mental health procedures, the practitioner must seek advance consent.
  • Clear reports, such as timesheets, experience reports, the time and location of operation, and confirmation that the arrangement was created by a properly led care team that includes the patient and their families are suggested by CMS. Establishing the medical necessity of the procedures/treatments is critical, and accurate reports will help you avoid denials. The absence of an adept CMS can lead to claim denials.
  • Since care billing is dependent on the number of units, the amount of time spent in rehabilitation is critical. Appropriate medical codes that are dependent on the amount of time spent will help prevent any form of billing errors.
  • CMS has identified common program breaches of billing for behavioral/mental health therapies. Here are some of them:
  • Failure to keep track of progress reports.
  • Billing for programs that need prior authorization but failed to receive any.

Psychiatry Medical Health Billing Service by the Best-in-Class!

To run a successful and lucrative medical practice, it is important to bill correctly and make clean claims for the services rendered. Outsourcing the medical billing process to a reliable expert relieves you of the burden and helps you put your employees to greater use. We, at Tall Rcm Incorporation, are committed to helping you save your capital by preventing billing and claim submission errors. Our mental health billing service follows industry best practices to boost sales and reduce claim denials. We extend accurate and reliable behavioral health billing service and psychiatry medical billing service in the USA.

Tall Rcm Incorporation is an industry pioneer in third-party mental health billing services. Several mental health service providers have benefited from our efficient revenue collection mechanism, which has allowed them to increase their revenue opportunities in the shortest time possible. We have a team that specializes in mental health medical billing. Our staff comprises seasoned experts, including retired mental health providers, who are familiar with the problems that mental health practices face daily. We use this knowledge to create personalized billing strategies for your company, making it simple for you to achieve your goal of fewer accounts receivable days, fewer denials, and better collection outcomes.

Applying the best practices for Mental & Behavioral Health Billing Services

The HIPAA rules for behavioral and mental health billing and coding are kept up to date by our staff. To stop denials in the long term, we guarantee advance authorization of the patient’s availability and benefits for mental health insurance. Our medical billers and coders are familiar with the ICD codes for behavior and mental health, allowing us to make error-free claims.

Tall Rcm Incorporation is a reliable provider of psychiatry medical health billing service, here are a few of the many reasons supporting our claim.

  • The more knowledge you have, the better. Our staff collects all of the patient’s records, including alternative phone numbers, addresses, insurance sort, and social security number. Before contacting an insurance agent, we make sure we have all of the necessary paperwork. This cuts down on the time it takes to search on claims.
  • Applications tailored to a particular industry. Our team’s expertise in dealing with the challenges of behavioral and mental health billing can help you prevent unnecessary complexities and delays.
  • Make sure to follow through on the claim. Our staff monitors submitted allegations daily to catch and settle denials problems before the time limit expires.
  • We keep up with the annual updates in CPT codes and provide a thorough knowledge of how Health and Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Services (HBAI) codes are used when paying for the mental health care provided to alleviate the burden of a physical health condition.

Tall Rcm Incorporation is the best and the most reliable medical billing service provider, to get in touch with us, you can write to us at or, or contact us at 973-206-8939.


Psychiatry medical billing services and behavioral medical billing services are offered by us.

Information that is needed to initiate a claim includes:

  • Complete name of the patient
  • Date of birth of the patient
  • Email of the patient
  • Name of the  patient’s insurance and identification
  • Detail of the Policy Holder if the policyholder and Patient are different
  • CPT Code as per service rendered and Diagnosis for the Patient’s condition

The importance of mental health is equal to that of physical health. Psychiatrists encounter a broad variety of patients every day, which is why psychiatry medical billing is unique and requires a large number of service-specific assessment and management codes. It’s critical to understand the codes that are accessible and the criteria for utilizing them.

Outsourcing psychiatry medical billing allows you to concentrate on patient care while the most important financial elements of your company are taken care of. A skilled mental health billing partner will keep you up to speed on coding standards and regulations while also streamlining your operations.

At the very least, your choice of behavioral billing service provider must have a team of specialists that can offer the following services:

  • Credentialing
  • Checking eligibility
  • Submitting and re-submitting claims
  • Working rejections and denials
  • Posting payments
  • Accounts receivable (A/R) management
  • Preparing and sending client statements
  • Handling audit and compliance issues
  • Roll ups

A reliable, well-established behavioral health billing provider takes care of the billing cycle. Custom reports and dashboards should be provided by a reputable billing provider to assist you understand what’s affecting your revenue cycle so you can make fast, focused adjustments to help you fulfill the criteria for value-based care.

Updated to HIPAA regulations for mental and behavioral health billing ad coding, a team is dedicated to match the eligibility criteria with the regulations of HIPAA so that the benefits can be availed by the patient during the time of billing. There are some best practices, that are followed in mental and behavioral billing services such as:

  • More information is better to gather the billing details properly
  • Specific solutions for complex billing that involves nuances and require a lot of experience in handling such billing issues
  • To follow up the correct claims and benefits so that it can be applied properly in the billing
  • Follow up CPT and HBAI codes to lessen the impact, while the mental and behavioral help billing treatment and billing is in process.

Psychiatry medical billing is the billing that is tedious and consumers a lot of time when it comes to calculating the bills. There are two types of billing services that are comprising all the types of other boiling services also such as:

  • Institutional billing is the type of billing that involves the billing of hospitals, rehabs, clinics nursing homes etc.
  • Professional billing is a billing that is done by individual physicians and medical practitioners.