Specialty Centric Medical Billing Service Provider in USA


The biggest challenge today in the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) domain are  the outstanding revenues and the unstructured revenue cycles. These two factors put together, affect the overall revenue cycle massively and puts the healthcare providers in a tight spot. To run your practice with high yield and quicker claim resolution, you must have a domain expertise who would know what a practice’s challenge is and how to overcome those.  When you are in tune with the qualities of the RCM system you want, you are sure to find the right one and work alongside it.

Why to Outsource Revenue Cycle Management

All practice owners who wish to outsource their whole RCM framework need a partner who  not only help them expand with more savings and efficiencies but also holds them ahead of the newer threats that we face in our industry today. You will find such a partner with  Tall Rcm Incorporation. The Outsourcing Medical Billing Service offered by us offers a happy clientele of over 450 customers. For your healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services, you can rely on Tall Rcm Incorporation and its massive industry expertise, budget-friendly pricing, and skilled team of professionals.

Tall Rcm Incorporation: The Best Medical Company in the USA

If you are looking for the best medical billing companies in New Jersey, then Tall Rcm Incorporation is the right choice for you. We are transparent in our work and we adhere to a  standardized process flow.

Medical Billing Service in the USA – Tall Rcm Incorporation Process at glance:

  • We use  FTP upload or PC anywhere Access we search/scan the appropriate documents or superbills that would be received  from provider office everyday..
  • All patient demographics, insurance information, superbills, and charges are entered and submitted electronically through the Billing Software. The claims posting/submission process takes about 36-48 hours..
  •  The daily paper source such as EOB (Explanation of Benefits) will be updated into billing applications, and payment details will be updated to individual claims.
  • AR aging files will be meticulously compiled and returned to the provider for evaluation. The Account Receivable (AR) team would review, and respond to any unpaid, denied, or rejected claims. Based on the requirement Team would call the Insurance companies and bring the issues to a resolution.
  • For lawsuits based on the AR survey, insurance calls will be made. We will submit-secondary and tertiary claims with attachments, patient accounts, and other paperwork to the Insurance Companies via our Office / Client.
  • Work progress reports will be submitted on a regular, weekly, and monthly basis.

3-Steps of A/R Follow Up 

Outsourcing medical billing services to Tall Rcm Incorporation is the best decision you would ever make since we have trained A/R Personnel’s  to help minimize the A/R days and Certified Professional Billers to  increase the ratio of collection and help improve the cash flow. As a  service provider, we wish to keep the process hassle-free and transparent.


This investigation stage consists of in-depth review  and analysis of all cases reported on the A/R report. The Medical billing company would review the Insurance plans and identify the root cause of the claim rejections/denials.


Once we have the Problem Statement- the AR Workforce would find a fixture for the same and will also prevent the recurrence. The Prioritization will be done based on the Age of claims and potential of getting the payment from the Insurance Companies.


The systematic approach to claim resolution would in turn lead to focus on the key performance indicators for any practice such as increase in the percentage in FPR(First pass rate) and CCR(Clean claim rate). This would ensure increase in the revenue and reduction in Account Receivable.

Why Outsourcing medical billing services to Tall Rcm Incorporation would be beneficial?

  • Patient Collection (Keeping Your Front Office Updated Through Diligent Eligibility, Benefits and Preauthorization)
  • Specialty Centric Billing Rules (Maximizing Revenue)
  • Skilled, Trained, and Certified Resources (Increasing First Pass Ratio)
  • Intuitive Business Intelligence Tools (Better cashflow)
  • Dedicated Billing Team and Supervisors (Zero Hold Time)
  • Quality Measures at Each Stage of Billing (Maximizing Revenue)
  • Real-Time Performance Data Dashboard (Complete Visibility in Our Performance)
  • 100% Confidential and HIPAA Compliant
  • You’ll save 60% of the existing running expenses.
  • Services are available 24/7, with a short turnaround time (Turn Around Time).


The medical billing period begins with patient scheduling, eligibility checks, coding, and charge entry and continues with filing of claim, payment posting, AR analysis, and denial  management. We, as The medical billing services provider takes up all hassles and eases the task for the healthcare provider.

AR (Accounts Receivable) is a concept that refers to keeping track of claims, chasing sales, and keeping track of cash flow. AR is important for health practitioners to follow up on reports made and for insurance agencies to maximize income recovery. Outsourcing medical billing services in the USA means, the AR task is also handled by the medical billing team.

  • Patient Registration
  • Eligibility check
  • Patient encounter
  • Medical claims preparation
  • Compliance with the Medical coding rules
  • Claim scrubbing
  • Submission of claims
  • Payer Adjudication
  • Patient Statements
  • Follow-ups
  • Payment posting
  • Reporting

There are pre-set billing rules in the Billing Software which captures the missing/invalid information in a claim – The Billing company would provide the required information to fix those errors and would provide a heads-up to Provider to prevent such errors or include valid information in future.