Comprehensive Mental Health Billing Services – Get it done by a team of experts

Comprehensive Mental Health Billing Services – Get it done by a team of experts

When it comes to mental health billing, it is quite understood that patients require additional care during the diagnosis session and provider needs to ensure proper insurance coverage for behavioural health billing process. The doctors and physicians are required to offer rehabilitation programs and more. This means, you need professional mental health billing services for mental health sessions that are reliable, quick, and offer you proper time to focus on core operations. One struggles with constant anxiety with changes in government regulations, coding standards, and more, well don’t let it affect your account receivable. Mental health billing services help one reduce internal expenses while boosting the flow of cash and everything. Outsourcing  mental health billing services help one stay on top of ICD/CPT modification and PQRS by providing a complete vision of the process while you can focus on quality patient care.

The financial strength of mental health sessions is actually correlated to timely account and billing reimbursement. Now, you must know that outsourcing trusted and quality billing services play an important role regarding the business aspect of the practice. For better understanding, below listed are some of the solutions that you can experience as a part of mental health billing solutions…

mental health billing solutions
  • Eligibility and benefit verification – Service providers gather data from the patient such as demographics and insurance information to make sure documentations are done with precision. The given information is validated from the mental health billing company and ensures the proper authorization for the services rendered.
  • Claim Processing: After validating the codes as per the CMS guidelines, claims are sent out with 100% quality checks. With such service the professional keeps track of the revenue cycle and KPI to ensure a smooth billing procedure.
  • Payment Posting: For mental health billing services, everyone understands how important and critical the payment posting process is. It involves tracking the invoiced payments and everything owed to the session for mental consultation. Once they attain the money from the insurance and patient, it will be posted up in the system for claim reconciliation. You don’t have to worry about the underpaid and unprocessed claims which will be taken care of by the professionals.
  • Constant Follow-ups: So, whenever a payment is delayed or is lesser than the invoice amount, the professional will follow-up with the insurance providers regarding claim status and file appeals for underpaid claims. Tall-RCM can be of huge help in keeping everything updated at each stage of the mental health billing procedure while you can simply focus on the core operations.
  • Patient Billing: being the professional, everything will be taken care of by sending invoices via e-mail, mail, fax and text. In case the patient has certain questions or queries regarding the patient account and billing, we offer personalized engagement. Routine payment reminders will be sent to a late-paying patient requesting them to clear the outstanding payments or dues. Tall RCM provides complete information regarding the patient outstanding to the provider or the front desk before the appointment so that the outstanding amount can be collected upfront.

Now that you know about such services, feel free to get in touch with us. At Tall RCM, we hold years of experience in this field where we take pride in offering our clients quality mental health billing services.

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