EMR Transcription the New Way of Record Keeping

EMR Transcription the New Way of Record Keeping

What is an EMR or Electronic Medical Record?

An electronic medical record (EMR) can be understood as an electronic archive of all the details included in a provider’s medical log, inclusive of patient records, symptoms, prescriptions, immunisation schedules, illnesses, test findings, and doctor’s observations. EMRs are the online patient documents that include medical and clinical details from the provider’s office that are mostly utilised by physicians for evaluation and care. Maintaining documents of the patient’s medical records, scans, evaluation, and recovery in EMRs ensures proper care to the provider’s facility.

EMRs must not be understood as a mere paper document substitute. They help improve communication and collaboration among representatives of a healthcare team to provide the best possible treatment to patients.

Today, with the advent of technology and exponential growth of the digital realm, medical facilities around the world, such as clinics, hospices, private nursing homes, are resorting to using Electronic Medical Transcription. EMR transcription entails converting patients’ physical, recorded medical notes to a digital format. Doctors may document the patients’ condition and care on paper or with Dictaphones instead of paper. An EMR transcription service deals with converting all different form of information into digital text format.

What is EMR Transcription Service?

Hospital logs are one of the most critical aspects of the patient treatment of any medical facility. They explain the patient’s medical state, the medication he or she has already received, the effects he or she is experiencing, warning signs, and so on. This provides the practitioner, physician, or consultant with a comprehensive knowledge of the patient’s medical background. Until recently, documents were mainly preserved on paper and placed in cabinets. As you would expect, the task of filing, downloading, and preserving these documents was time-consuming. This is where the EMR transcription service comes into the pictrue.

Doctors maintain documents about the patients’ condition and care on paper or with Dictaphones. An EMR medical transcription service provider would convert these documents to a digital format. This improves the longevity and the accuracy of the record. No more searching piles of files to find a document. The documents are kept digitally, primarily on laptops, rather than on paper and in archives, making it easier to search through and find the relevant file. Furthermore, the documents are digitised in almost real-time.

Benefits of Integrating Medical Transcription Records with EMR Software Systems

• Improves medical reporting efficiency.

• Reduction in risk of claim denial.

• Generates the overall fast and reliable records

• The overall billing time is cut in half

• Improved coordination amongst the referring doctors and practices encourages referrals

• Establishment of electronic records system for patient health results that works for every vertical.

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